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New York Comic Con 2013: Day Two

Well, it’s official! New York Comic-Con is under way! Here is the con report for Friday, October 11th, 2013:

Vertical Inc.

Celebrating their 10th Anniversary and doing better than ever, Vertical Inc.’s Ed Chavez listed the newest licenses from one of the best manga and Japanese novel publishers in America. The list included Tropic of the Sun, a modern day sci-fi tale of politics verses traditional folklore from critically acclaimed film director Satoshi Kon, as well as hit Vertical titles like Knights of Sidonia (vol. 5 out now), Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin (vol. 3 now available) and The Flowers of Evil (vol. 7 available). All of these series have anime in the making or available now.

The Flowers of Evil, by Shuzo Oshimi, is often described as a demented rom-com featuring a group of deviant teens trying and failing to find love in the most horrific ways possible. Needless to say, you will be shocked by this controversial and mature series!

Wolfmsund is a re-imagining of the legend of William Tell, and the violence is . . . beautiful! From Mitsuhisa Kuji, a former assistant on Berserk andEMMA (it shows!), the violence and insanity builds. This series is visually shocking, and will appall you over and over again!

Sickness unto Death is a great complement to The Flowers of Evil. A dark psychological thriller set in modern day Japan, this drama, wrapped in despair and confusion reveals the darkness of the human heart.

Did you know that Hideaki Anno, creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, was married? Did you know that his wife is an acclaimed manga creator? Written by moyoco anno, Insufficient Direction tells the story of moyoco’s marriage to Hideaki, with as many anime, manga and tokusatsu references thrown in as possible! This ridiculous comedy shows us a side of Anno we never really see, and allows us to get to know some of the big shots in the industry in a casual way.

Two NEW LICENCES were announced during the panel. First off is In Clothes Named Fat, a new manga from moyoco anno which address anorexia and bulimia, and does not hold back! The other was Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, a three volume light novel series set before the events of the hit manga/ anime franchise.


Sunrise Industry Panel

This year at New York Comic Con, the guys and gals at Sunrise gave us the scoop on all the latest news from your favorite series, including Tiger & Bunny, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Valvrave: The Liberator and Code Geass: Akito the Exiled . . . but that’s not what I was there for!

No, what I was there to see was plain and simple: GUNDAM! After a video presentation titled The World of Gundam, Sunrise announced that Episode 7 of UC Gundam, entitled Over the Rainbow, will be released worldwide in the Spring of 2014. As for the mysterious G-Reko series and Gundam: The Origin, they should see a release sometime around the Summer of 2014, in time for Gundam’s 35th Anniversery.

Be sure to check out for episodes of UC Gundam, Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and Valvrave: The Liberator!

New York Comic Con 2013: Day One

While normally reserved for industry and educational panels, and rarely open to the general public, Thursdays at NYCC are not exactly the most exciting of the four days. Still, if it’s an excuse to sell more tickets and get on the show floor earlier, then why not? Here are some of the events from the day:

Fandoms in the Library

The first thing I did at New York Comic Con was listen as a school librarian explained the finer points of shipping . . .

I’ve wanted to say that all day.

For those who don’t know, a fandom is a subculture composed of fans, often characterized by feelings of sympathy and comradeory around a common interest. Basically, if you know what the phrases “don’t blink,” “Hideki, do your best!” and “Sher-locked” mean – then you’re a member of a fandom. These fandoms range in age, content and membership, but have one thing in common: passion. Lately, librarians have used that passion in their own libraries in order to enhance their programming and instruction.

So, why host fandom programs? Well, according to speakers Kate Kosturski and Samantha Marker, fandoms offer stories in a wide variety of formats, help to validate the interests of the fans, and engages students, helping them gain focus and interest.

But what about shipping?

Shipping is when you favor the idea of two particular characters getting into some kind of a relationship.  It doesn’t have to be a sexual relationship . . . but who are we kidding? Often, fans become divided over their “OTP,” or one true paring. Apparently, you can insult a fan’s pride, but don’t you their make fun of their love of Johnlock, Thorki or, god forbid, Darry. Throughout the panel, these librarians took us through the confusing world of fandom, from OTPs to slash fiction to furries, but even they didn’t know what Homestuck was!

Here are some ways to incorporate fandom into your library or classroom:

Fandom Showdown

What began as a fan fiction club quickly became a safe place to talk a debate about one’s fandom . . .  since no one was really in the mood to write anything! Ice breakers are key, and shipping is not only allowed, but encouraged. Dating and newlywed games involving various characters across many fandoms are a great way to break the ice and encourage creativity. If, during a newlywed game involving Moriarty and Hannibal Lector, Hannibal explains that he does all the cooking in the house, well, that’s just icing on the cake!

Dungeons & Fandoms

A take on Dungeons & Dragons with characters taken from various fandoms, like Star Wars and Game of Thrones, this is a fun way to explore one’s fandom in the most creative and insane way possible. Oddly enough, my girlfriend seems to do a pirate-themed online version of this all the time with several of her friends.

From Jane Austen to Walking Dead, Welcome to NightVale, Downton Abbey or Doctor Who, fandoms are a joy to explore with others. Just remember to respect the fandoms of others as you would want them to respect yours.

Rewriting the Classics: Modern Sci-Fi in Comics!

For over 20 years, Dark Horse has published some of the most well-known franchises in the history of modern science fiction. From Star Wars to Aliens, the publisher is home to some of the most celebrated characters and storylines in the genre, and has consistently expanded the experience far beyond the screen. Today, Dark Horse publicist Aub Driver, Editor in Chief, Scott Allie, Mac Walters (Mass Effect), Tommy Lee Edwards (Vandroid), as well a cast of surprise guests took a look at the past, present and beyond with news on upcoming storylines in Prometheus, Aliens, Predator, as well as Star Wars, Mass Effect, EVE Online, HALO and the greatest 80′s film that never was, Vandroid! They also explored the good and bad with science fiction today.

So, what’s right with sci-fi today?

Sci-fi is a mirror for our time. It gives us perspective our lives, especially when it comes to world politics. Not to mention, it’s fun to see how sci-fi has stacked up with modern day: remember, we’re only two years away from hoverboards!

What’s wrong with sci-fi today?

Basically, it’s boring when sci-fi simply rehashes what has already been done. The world has changed since the 60s, 70s and 80s, and sci-fi must change with it. There is too much homage. We all love Star Wars, but there are other things to draw from!

Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle

A PBS documentary 4 years in the making! This series looks into the history of superheroes and asks “who are these guys who created these characters that have become so dear to us?” This insightful, entertaining documentary includes new interviews with the legends such as Stan Lee, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Michael Chabon, Jules Feiffer, Grant Morrison and the late greats Jerry Robinson and Joe Simon among many more, along with rare footage. As the early footage was first shown at the 2011 NYCC, it’s only fitting that preview segments from this landmark series will debut at NYCC ’13.

The fact is this documentary is fantastic! After only seeing a few scenes, I’m completely hooked! I cannot wait to watch this series on Tuesday, October 15 at 8pm on PBS, and you should too!

Well, that’s it for day one at New York Comic Con!